The Birth of Golden Age Foundation

In 2015, Ms. Rebecca Yung and five social entrepreneurs teamed up to form the Golden Age Foundation, a registered charity organisation with a multi-sector platform that aims at fostering the development of a smart ageing community and empowering the Golden Agers. In an effort to drive universal participation on this issue, the first-ever Golden Age Expo and Summit was held in 2016 which successfully connected different sectors, generations and people from all walks of life to collaborate and innovate for Smart Ageing Cities. Since then, many new initiatives, including a B2B platform, radio broadcast, Golden Age Docents, Golden Age Fellows programme, 1212 Golden Age Day, community outreach and other activities have also been launched.


The Foundation expresses gratitude for support by volunteers, government, private and social enterprises as well as NGOs.

Impact Update (June 2015 - Dec 2019)

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