The 5th Golden Age Summit

August 7, 2020

13:00 - 15:00


Enhancing Immunity through Health Practices

Eternal youth and radiant looks are the dreams of many people.  Young and old alike seek to maintain good health so as to defer the ageing process.  The basic approach to total wellness can begin with strengthening the immune system in the body.

There are many different approaches to achieving total wellness to prevent illness.  Western medicine often uses "pharmaceutical therapies" to address health issues and control or mitigate the current condition of the patient.  In contrast, Chinese medicine has an integrated stream of “philosophical medicine” to consolidate one’s health, build up “generic strength” and enhance immunity, regulating body wellness according to the four seasons of the year.  The basic Chinese medicine concept is to prevent illness before it actually occurs.  Taoists will use Qi Gong and regular fasting to nourish the body.  Mindful meditation or repose with eyes closed has also proven to be beneficial in achieving total wellness.  The panel speakers will share their expertise in total wellness and different approaches to improving body immunity. 

*Speakers are listed in alphabetical order. 

Dr Dai is the Clinical Director for Healthcare for the Senior at Qualigenics. He was the Consultant Geriatrician at Prince of Wales Hospital and taught in The Chinese University of Hong Kong and the University of Hong Kong.  Dr Dai is the Chairman of the Hong Kong Alzheimer’s Disease Association. He also chairs the Independent Committee for Handling Complaints of the Social Welfare Department from 2015.

Chairman, Hong Kong Alzheimer’s Disease Association

Dr David DAI

Dr Yuen Hong-chau is a Registered Acupuncturist, specializing in Fu’s Subcutaneous Needling.  He attained his PhD (research in inner alchemy) at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.  Dr Yuen is also a Qi-kung, Tai-chi, and Kungfu master, received many invitations to perform and give lectures on Kungfu in Hong Kong, USA, and South Africa.  In addition, Dr Yuen was interviewed by local media, including RTHK <Kung Fu Quest>, <Sublime Practice – Inner Alchemy Qi Gong> on RTHK31.  He has also written articles for local newspapers and academic magazines. 

Registered Acupuncturist

Dr YUEN Hong-chau

Dr Linda Zhong is Assistant Professor at the School of Chinese Medicine of the Hong Kong Baptist University. Her clinical and research areas focus on gastroenterology, gynecology, and rheumatology. Dr Zhong is a student of the renowned Chinese Medicine expert Professor Chen Xiang Jun. Her research projects have won numerous awards, including the First Prize of the Shang Hai Science and Technology Advancement Award of Traditional Chinese Medicine.   Dr Zhong was appointed as Visiting Scholar in UCLA Centre for East-West Medicine, Visiting Scholar in Harvard Medical School, and a Visiting Professor in the Centre for Integrative Medicine, University of Toronto. Dr Zhong obtained her Master of Clinical Medicine at Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Doctor Degree in Chinese Medicine Research at LKS Faculty of Medicine, the University of Hong Kong respectively. 

Assistant Professor, School of Chinese Medicine, Hong Kong Baptist University

Dr Linda ZHONG

Dr Raymond Lai set up his private practice, Advance X-ray & Medical Diagnostic Centre in 1988.  After graduating from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Hong Kong, he received Diagnostic Radiology specialist training in Queen Elizabeth Hospital and became a specialist in 1987. 


Dr Lai’s hobby is photography.  He was President of the Photography interest group of the Federation of Medical Societies of Hong Kong in 2001 and established the Doctors Photographic Association in 2006.   He also achieved the Royal Photographic Society Associateship in 2007.  At the age of 50, Dr Lai began to study how to achieve a happy life, and regularly shared his experience in his blog and website. 

Diagnostic Radiology Specialist

Dr Raymond LAI

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