Membership Event – April 2017

Event Review

Our first membership event of 2017 has been held on 20 April and attended by about 70 members and honorary guests.

Our Chair,  Rebecca Yung, talked about the notion of ‘collective social impact’.

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer of Evercare, Kenneth Wong, talked about the shared mission of the 3 co-founders – to help the elderly age gracefully and comfortably in their own homes by providing them with the best homecare service.

Easycare Co-founder, Xiayi Zhang, gave details of the application of technology and wearable devices in delivering healthcare services. The company has succeeded in attracting an impact investor, enabling them to expand further.

Senior Manager of Hong Kong Housing Society, Swing Chan, introduced The Tanner Hill, a quality retirement housing project for people aged 60+. There are built-in medical support and recreational facilities, creating an enjoyable living environment for the residents.

Excellent networking and communication opportunities for members and guests.

Our Foundation’s Organizing Committee Members, Jane Wong and Angela Wong, exchanging ideas with Easycare Co-founder, Xiayi Zhang.

Thanks for everyone’s support! See you next time!


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