Golden Age Fellows 2019

Golden Agers (people who are 45+, ready-to-retire/retired) are mostly baby boomers who are better educated and have years of work and life experiences. As people live healthier and longer, they represent a pool of tremendous untapped resource in terms of ideas and leadership to drive bottom-up innovations and positive social changes. As such, they can become more effective as the key levers for social changes.

The Golden Age Fellows Programme provides a cross-sector and collaborative platform for Golden Agers to turn their passion and innovative ideas into feasible plans and actions. With more time, space, inspiration, training, network, resources and support, they will be able to co-create new ideas and initiate good practices which can be replicated to benefit a wider community and continuously drive changes in the community. As motivated pioneers, they will also be able to influence their peers with their passion, dedication, and innovative initiatives step by step and build a community of change makers in the long run.


Important Date:

  • Application deadline: 21 Jun 2019

  • Selection Period: 24 Jun -18 Jul 2019 

  • Announcement - 19 Jul 2019

  • Inaugural Ceremony and  1st workshop - 26 Jul 2019 

  • Training Period - Jul - Nov 2019

  • Discussion of innovation plan and Professional Guidance - Nov 2019 - March 2020 

  • Graduation Ceremony - 22 March 2020

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