Golden Age Fellows 2017

Golden Agers (people who are 45+, ready-to-retire/retired) are mostly baby boomers who are better educated and have years of work and life experiences. As people live healthier and longer, they represent a pool of tremendous untapped resource in terms of ideas and leadership to drive bottom-up innovations and positive social changes. As such, they can become more effective as the key levers for social changes.

The Golden Age Fellows Programme provides a cross-sector and collaborative platform for Golden Agers to turn their passion and innovative ideas into feasible plans and actions. With more time, space, inspiration, training, network, resources and support, they will be able to co-create new ideas and initiate good practices which can be replicated to benefit a wider community and continuously drive changes in the community. As motivated pioneers, they will also be able to influence their peers with their passion, dedication, and innovative initiatives step by step and build a community of change makers in the long run.

The Journey


1. Capacity Building

8 Sep – 30 Oct 2017:  Fellows will join a well-structured capacity-building programme spreading over two months. Through various activities, Fellows will undergo a change maker journey of self-discovery and social innovation.

2. Actualising Change

Fellows will start pilot projects during this period and present their innovative ideas to a panel of judges.

3.Community Building

Fellows will freely generate and exchange innovative ideas, share learning and experiences on social innovation, and gather necessary resources from various sectors to lead change and drive innovation in the society as a powerful force.


In-take: 10 Golden Agers


Golden Agers (people who are aged 45+, ready-to-retire/ retired) who are permanent residents of Hong Kong are eligible to apply.

Selection Criteria

Personal qualities

  • Be passionate about social issues

  • Be innovative and visionary

  • Be courageous, target-oriented, and willing to take the initiative to make positive changes

  • Be able to influence others with their ambassadorial qualities

  • Value their personal development

Programme Timeline

Application Period: 30 June – 8 Aug 2017

Selection Period: 8 Aug – 31 Aug 2017

Training Period: 8 Sept – 30 Oct 2017

Graduation Ceremony:  12 Dec 2017

Sharing : Golden Age Expo & Summit  2018 (26 – 28 Jan 2018) and at community level throughout the year

Training Programme

  • Inspire : Sharing by visionary leaders

  • Reflect : Future Smart Ageing Society, skills & competencies

  • Talks and workshops on global and local issues and solutions

  • Co-create : Inner journey, telling your own stories

  • Change process : pitching of passion & ideas

  • Site visits & Networking

  • Job shadowing

  • Idea consolidation

  • Presentation : skills & practice

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