DBS Impact Award ("Award”) aims to nurture social innovators to develop practical, scalable and sustainable business models for the Golden Age era..


Target groups:

•  Startups which are implementing innovative and sustainable business models to address the major social issues of ageing society

•  Startups in need of professional advice or additional resources to support long-term development

•  Startups planning to expand their business, enlarge social impact or enter the Golden Age markets 


Judging Process:

The judging process consists of two rounds: 1st round judging by paper vetting and Final pitching -cum-prize presentation ceremony. Details of each round of judging are as follows:

1.   1st round judging by paper vetting: 1 March 2019

All applications will be reviewed by a panel of selection committee including representative of GAF. 5 teams will be shortlisted and will be offered a display area at “Golden Age Expo & Summit 2019” on Mar 8-10.

2.   Final Pitching -cum-Award Presentation Ceremony: 10 March 2019

The 5 finalists will deliver a 5-minute presentation to a panel of judges who will select the winning team and the audience at the Golden Age Expo & Summit.The audience includes invited leaders from the business and social sectors. The winner will receive cash award of HK$50,000. The panel of judges will include one DBS Representative, one GAF Representative and one Business Representative. 


The Award application is now open to the startups that meet the criteria below:

1.   Self-sustainable business enterprise which addresses the major social issues of ageing society;

2.   Business enterprises registered in Hong Kong and in operations between 1 to 5 years (as of 18 February 2019);

3.   Business enterprises should hold all valid permits and licenses required or necessary for their business and activities;

4.   Past and existing grantees of DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited and DBS Foundation are NOT eligible to apply;

Note: Application will only be accepted if all of the above requirements are satisfied. 


Evaluation Criteria:

1.   Social Value

2.   Business Plan and Business Model

3.   Market Positioning and Competitiveness

4.   Innovation

5.   Team Work


Application procedure:

Interested parties should submit the completed application form with a copy of the Business Registration Certificate to Golden Age Foundation on or before 18 February 2019:

-           Softcopy to ruby.zhu@goldenage.foundation.

Applicants will receive confirmation by phone within one week after receipt of the application form. For enquiries, please contact Mr. Ruby Zhu at 54251026.


Important dates (Hong Kong Time):

Application Deadline:               18 February 2019

1st Round Judging:                   1 March 2019

Announcement of Finalist:        4 March 2019  

Final Pitching-cum-Award Presentation Ceremony:        10 March 2019


Utilization of Award:

The winning team should only dedicate the cash award to the winning project under all circumstances.


Terms and Conditions:

1.   Past and existing grantees of DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited (“DBS”) and DBS Foundation are not eligible to apply the DBS Impact Award (“Award”).

2.   Representative(s) of each business enterprise must fill in all data required in the application form clearly.

3.   Representative(s) of each business enterprise must provide all required information accurately and clearly or otherwise will result in disqualification.

4.   The Secretariat of Golden Age Foundation (“Secretariat”) reserves the right to request further information from the representative(s) of the business enterprise, e.g. Hong Kong identity card copy, address proof or other related information.

5.   The personal information of the representative(s) of the business enterprise will be used for judging and correspondence purposes only.

6.   Representative(s) of the business enterprise must agree and authorise the Secretariat and DBS to use their names, business description and other information solely for promotion of the Award. The financial information of the business enterprises, including any information relating to their accounts, will NOT be released.

7.   Selected teams for presentation on 10 March 2019 may be required to attend publicity campaigns e.g. promotional activities and media interviews.

8.   The Secretariat reserves the right of final decision and the right to amend or interpret all details of the Award.

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